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From Busy Mind To Intuitive Self-Healer

You are a multitasker by nature, you get things done, but you also carry a lot of tightness in your body and mind because of it.

This chronic tension is because “the doer” part of you is still going even though you may be trying to relax.

You can call her “the doer, organizer, fixer, or mother hen.” She has a very important role in your life. If it wasn’t for her, tasks may get forgotten, and people left still needing help…

But there is another very important part of you…

Call her “the healer, the balancer, or highest/core self.”

She is the part of you who keeps reminding you about the tightness accumulating in your neck and back.

She is also the part of you sending you occasional thoughts about your self care.

Indulge the healer part of you, and do what she’s been nudging you to do. She is helping you get into the calm state of mind and healing energy that has been lying dormant in your core your whole life.

The more you listen and train your energy towards a calm state, the easier it is to get there even when you're busy doing, fixing, and organizing.

Tap into your intuitive mind and relax your body at the same time with massage and/or Reiki so that you can better allow your busy mind to slow, and allow yourself to feel the healing calm and peace of your Core-Self.

Any questions?…Set up a free discovery call on my website or text me.

If you’re local, you can text me to ask questions or book an appointment at...



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