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Desk Job Body Balance

Desk Job Body Balance

You want to maintain balance for your mind and body, but you work a desk job with long hours. 

Ideally, you would incorporate daily movements and stretching to balance out the binding that happens in your body and mind from sitting at your desk for most of the day, but I know that many of you really don’t have time for that because you’re working long hours and you have a family when you get home to take care of and spend time with. 

If your situation feels similar to this, then I suggest you start getting creative and multitasking between doing your job and taking care of your body.

What I do when I need to be on the computer or read a book for an extended amount of time is to stretch at the same time.

If you work from home, then the sky's the limit, because you could be sitting on the floor and stretching out your legs and all kinds of directions while you’re doing what you need to do on the computer or with your book.

For those who have to go into work and work among other people around you, then I still suggest that you multitask, and do stretches while you’re sitting there and become an example for how to take care of your body.

Here is a stretch that you can do while having to sit in a chair and be at the computer to open your hips and low back so you can balance out some of that binding that’s in there and help you feel more free both in your mind as well as in your body.

Cross one leg over the other knee with your ankle on your knee and lean forward. (See my video on You tube) The stretch is kind of like pigeon on the floor but you’re sitting in your chair and you’re able to do this among your colleagues that are also sitting in their chair doing way too much sitting and binding their bodies,  wishing that they could create balance for themselves with having this long desk job and busy life. 

This stretch will help you open your hips and low back, making you feel much more comfortable while sitting there at the computer. 

Excessive tension in the body can cause us to not just feel bad in the body, but also feel anxiety, increasing anxiety that we might already have for mental and emotional reasons. At times, I’ve noticed within my own body, excessive tension being the only cause for the anxiety, but of course, not knowing that until I released it.

Do not underestimate how important it is to take care of your body!

Do not underestimate how important it is in relation to taking care of your mental and emotional health. All three aspects of wellness in mind-body and soul are all equally important as we are spiritual beings, taking residence in these physical bodies.  

While we’re here on earth, it is all important for you to create a true picture of balance and abundance that flows in all directions of your life in order to live your best life. 

(Side note: I am now selling prints of my original paintings and making custom healing design crystal jewelry for you and as a thoughtful gift, just ask me about it)

If you’d like to book one of my holistic healing sessions with or without massage to help with your mind-body-soul balance and attunement towards your best life, then you can click here👇

You can also call/text me to ask questions or book an appointment, I do work hours not available online…


Happy Healing & Transformation, 



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