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Holistic Touch News Update

Hi everyone, it's Charissa...

I have been taking a long time off of doing my typical healing tip videos, and it's for good reason. I've been utilizing all my energy, all my online creative energy, towards finally putting together my holistic healing online program.

This is a self healing, self actualization, life coaching program that people will be able to go through on their own. It'll be complete with word lessons, audio, videos, and you’ll be able to get a feel for how I've helped myself the past 10 years. I’ve combined it all into this program so that you can get it much quicker than I did!

I'm really excited to finally put this together in a way that I believe will be the foundation for my life coaching programs here on out. This is the foundation for my online programs, group coaching programs, as well as one to one programs for people that want to go even deeper.

So,I'm gonna keep writing and keep creating and when it's finished, I'll let you know!

Happy Healing Everyone!


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