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Hi, I'm Charissa Colacioppo and I am a Holistic Healer.  My modalities include Reiki energy healing, Holistic Life Coaching, Master NLP Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Health Coaching and Massage Therapy.  My goal is to provide holistic support that teaches you how to access the deep INNER PEACE of YOUR CORE-SELF and utilize that energy for your own synchronized Mind, Body, Soul Transformation into the Awesome YOU that you are meant to be!


My ultimate goal is to help unlock your Inner Wisdom and reveal your Core-Self so you can shine and uplift the world as you are meant to.

Throughout my journey, I have encouraged and inspired my clients to nurture themselves so that they may reach their highest potential of full mind-body-soul harmony.

As a Certified Life and NLP Coach, I guide you through the process of peeling through the emotional layers and "stuck" states of mind which are hiding who you really are and who you want to be.  The root cause of what's holding you back from living life to it's fullest potential becomes revealed, and allows room for your desired life to take hold and bloom.  I incorporate the use of Life Coaching, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, guided meditation, breath-work and massage into my customized Holistic Touch healing programs and sessions. 



Health, Wellness, Soul Evolution and Healing have been a passion for me since I was a young teenager, but that did not make me impervious to my own internal struggles and physical conditions that came with them.  At seven years old, my family moved from New York to southern New Jersey and I found myself to be the "New Kid." Fear of the unknown newness combined with stress at home, a deeply ingrained people pleasing personality and the anxiety to preform that comes with that, all gathered and knotted itself within. I then found myself battling many stomach aches and various skin reactions that further feed into my self-conscious and inadequate self image.  These physical symptoms and emotions continuously wax and waned into adulthood. 


Through my life process I graduated from The University of The Arts, then got married and had my two beautiful children. This life that I created, for all practical purposes, looked picture perfect, but I was completely unsatisfied and disappointed with it. I found myself getting more depressed every year, anxiety about the future grew, feeling drained with it, and my skin issues became increasingly unbearable and irritating (even when I was eating all the right foods). It eventually became apparent to me that my anxiety, depression, unsatisfied with life mindset, feelings of inadequacy and my health were all deeply entwined and I was determined to unravel myself. 

I slowly realized how I was living my life for everyone else, and even though I prided myself on how I cared for others, I knew my health and happiness mattered too.  After getting divorced and learning to live my life for myself, I've discovered the best way to get healthy on the outside is to also get healthy on the inside through diving deep into those emotional layers that hid my CORE LIGHT,  and holistically nourishing the SYMBIOTIC CONNECTION between my mind, body, and soul's needs. Today my skin is the most beautiful it's ever been, I'm in the best shape of my life, and I've learned to LOVE myself and summon my soul's BEAUTY within to BLOSSOM throughout my entire life. Getting to know my TRUE SELF has been an ongoing, lifelong practice, and I've learned to enjoy the process along the way and to CHOOSE to access my deep INTERNAL PEACE through all of life's pleasures and challenges. 

Today, I consider the level of my personal peace, happiness, and wellbeing a priority for myself, my family, my clients and the Great Universal SOURCE that connects ALL. I have a passion for creating a ripple affect of HEALING, SELF LOVE, and ONENESS that starts with each one of us and ripples out into the world many people over.    

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