Reiki is a Japanese term, Rei meaning "universal or spiritually guided" and Ki meaning "Universal life force energy and its spiritually guided transmission." Reiki is a channeled energy from the Universal Source of All through the Reiki practitioner's crown chakra, and directed by placing the hands on or above where the energy is to go. Beyond that, the energy has an intelligence of its own, and will flow to where it is needed, even if the Reiki practitioner and recipient are unaware of the need.



Reiki is a spiritual healing technique which cannot harm, and does not conflict with people's religious beliefs. Reiki does not conflict or interfere with any medical treatments, and is not intended to be used instead of medical treatment. Legally, no medical diagnoses or cures are claimed by Reiki.


I did not always believe in energy healing. About ten years ago I was going through a spiritual transition in my life and during a group guided meditation we were instructed to ask SOURCE for a gift. A this time I was a lot less experienced in meditation, so I was surprised that a vivid image of a beautiful woman came up to me in my mind's eye. The gift I silently asked her was to please heal me so I could heal the world. What happened next was incredible. She placed her hands around my head, and I felt an intense pressure, almost alarming, come into and surrounding my head. I allowed this feeling to take over me as I reminded myself that this was from God, don't be afraid. Next this energy shot down into my heart, swirled around and then went down my arms and out my hands. I didn't hear any words, but I intuitively felt that she activated my hands for healing. That was that, I opened my eyes and took that experience with me, half forgetting about it until about a year later when I decided to have my own Reiki session. I went into this Reiki healing as an open minded skeptic, feeling determined not to make anything happen through placebo effect. I laid down on the massage table and although the healer did not touch me, I felt the same exact energy pull through my body that I experienced in meditation about a year earlier. 

It's because of these two experiences that I felt I needed to learn Reiki, and now the way I use this healing energy has further evolved through practice and learning my own intuitive ways in scanning the body for imbalances. 


Reiki is used to open and balance the recipient's chakras promoting physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. There are seven main chakras: the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown.

 ~Root Chakra houses our survival issues such as money, food, and sex.

 ~Sacral Chakra houses our relationships with others as well as our emotional well           being with ourselves.

 ~Solar Plexus Chakra houses our self-esteem; this is our power- house.

 ~Heart Chakra houses our ability to love.

 ~Throat Chakra houses our communication of emotions and our truth.

 ~Third Eye Chakra houses our ability to see the big picture; to think, be wise, make         decisions, be intuitive, and imaginative.

 ~Crown Chakra houses our connection with our higher spirit; sense of bliss.



I make one of a kind custom made jewelry created with specific healing intentions through the use of healing crystals and nature inspired metal designs. All my work is infused with Reiki energy, blessing the wearer every time they put it on. Click here to see samples of my Reiki infused jewelry.

Reiki can generate an activating effect- giving the recipient more health, vitality, and personal energy.

It may also trigger a releasing effect- releasing illness, excess weight, old habits and addictions, negative thoughts and resentments, and even a shedding of excessive personal possessions.

Most people report feeling very relaxed and calm with less pain after a session.

Some people can sense the flow of energy coming into them. Some only feel relaxed and calm, while others get a sense of euphoria that can last for hours after the session.

Some people need more sleep than usual after the session because they need to integrate the increased energy flow.

Reiki always energizes, balances, and transforms- even if it is not immediately seen or felt.