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Massage is a two-way symbiotic relationship flow of mutual energy exchange. A Practitioner needs to be open and in tune to the needs both through massage touch as well as active listening. It is the clients’ job to allow themselves to surrender to the moment and give their trust to the practitioner. Also, communication is encouraged of your feelings physically, emotionally or mentally.


Note: No one massage is alike, in which I always adjust my routine and pressure to the clients needs and strongly encourage my clients to communicate at any time before or during the massage what they need from me. This way we can together learn how and what you need to facilitate your healing experience.


Deep tissue is a massage technique that focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. The aim is to release chronic tension patterns held in the body with deeper pressure and slower massage movements going along the muscles, tendons, and fascia. Deep massage helps break up and eventually eliminate scar tissue. This can cause some soreness for the next day or two after the massage if the client isn’t used to deep pressure.


This deep pressure feels good to the majority of my clients. There is a great release of stress and inflammation from the muscle.

The purpose of this type of massage is to “un-glue” the fibers of a muscle and release held patterns of tension, removing toxins, and bringing blood and oxygen back to proper circulation again. It is because of this release of toxins that is very important to drink plenty of water after a deep tissue massage.


Deep tissue massage can greatly improve overall health. It can soften hard fibrous muscles, improves circulation to the skin, improves range of motion and improves posture, which in turn will improve breathing function. The nervous system, cardiovascular, lymphatic, and respiratory can benefit with regular deep tissue massage. It is not uncommon for the stomach to start “growling” during a good massage treatment involving deep tissue.


It can be a good idea to have a massage treatment right before a chiropractic treatment to improve the effectiveness of chiropractic manipulations. Likewise, a deep tissue massage can improve an athlete’s range of motion and over all performance during their sport with regular treatment.

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Shoulder Massage


lets release the issue in the tissue!


My typical style of massage is essentially a blend of deep tissue techniques with relaxing and fluid flowing Swedish / Lomi-Lomi movements. This creates a massage experience that is as relaxing as it is deep and therapeutic. Many clients choose to do a massage, followed by a reiki session, because this combination allows for much deeper healing and relaxation. Both the massage and Reiki serve to release the emotional and physical issues that get stuck in the tissue, leaving you feeling lighter and happier after just one session.


Before you receive your massage we will go over intake forms and discuss your massage experience goals and expectations. Once this communication has taken place I’ll instruct you to undress to your comfort level and then have you lay face down on the massage table and beneath the draping sheets.


The massage generally starts with the back unless the client has other specific needs in which we can review and address upon arrival. Using organic coconut oil, I warm up the skin and muscles with soothing medium pressure Swedish effleurage strokes and then go deeper into the tissue using both my hands and forearm using gliding flowing movements.


I will occasionally press and hold into knotted muscles and pressure points to the comfort level of the client. I include the entire body, including legs, gluts, feet, abdomen area (if requested), chest, neck, face and end with a scalp massage. This of course can be modified based on the clients request if they request any of these areas not to be worked on. The final deep scalp massage concludes the massage with a  very healing and calming sensation for a full mind-body-spirit transformation experience.

If you are doing a Reiki Massage combo session, this is where I will start the Reiki. Please Read my Reiki Page if you are curious about trying this combo session.


You can receive a relaxation massage to tone and lift the muscles in and around the face for achieving your most beautiful look in a natural way. You'll also learn how to do some of these moves on yourself so you can have more control over your own self image and self esteem! This session will include neck and scalp massage, as these areas are directly related to the muscles in the face. 
Natural Beauty


Swedish massage is a therapeutic approach to healing that applies a variety of strokes to the soft tissue. The Swedish strokes that are incorporated into my massage are effleurage, petrissage, and friction. Swedish massage promotes relaxation through the release of endorphins and enkephalins. These neurochemicals are sometimes referred to as “the body’s natural opiates” because of their ability to induce relaxation and reduce pain.


Swedish massage also improves both blood and lymph circulation. The fluid strokes and pressure moves the blood and helps nutrients reach their target cells in the body more efficiently. The increased circulation also helps the body remove toxins more efficiently. The lymphatic system is primary defense in locating and fighting off infections in the body. Massage activates the lymph, which increases our immune defenses and helps us stay healthy. This is why you are encouraged to drink lots of water after every healing session and flush out those toxins!


The benefits just keep going. Massage improves range of motion in the joints, which helps mobility greatly. The more focused pressured massage strokes can really help break down adhesions around joints that may have formed following sprains, fractures, or other injuries where scar tissue forms. This will help your body heal at a much faster rate than it could by itself.


Massage can greatly reduce anxiety, improve body awareness, and promote a general feeling of well-being.

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