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Elevate Yourself - Mindset Shift

Where to get started on your own personal evolution path and elevate yourself? Hmmm, and what do I mean when I say, to elevate yourself? To elevate yourself basically means to uplift your energy, to shift into #livingauthentically into who you are and what you stand for. To elevate yourself is a process of taking steps toward #creatingyourlife on purpose. It is a process of learning who you are, what you want, what you need, and then doing something about it.

I suggest the first step toward elevating yourself is to ask yourself the question, “What is my goal” or “What do I want?” Do this as a writing assignment and really dig deep, take a few deep breaths, then ask the question and don’t edit yourself. Just allow yourself to answer from your heart, through the pen, and onto the paper. There will be plenty of time to analyze yourself later, I promise, so just take a break from that now to allow your heart to speak freely.

If focusing on what you want is making you feel blocked for some reason, try asking yourself “What is standing in my way?” This is also the second question to ask yourself after you answer what you want, but sometimes it’s easier to know what we don’t want, or the problem, before we know what we want. Either way, just start with either the first or second question and then go to the one left. Again, write it down, get it all out on paper without editing yourself. If you feel any hesitation to write out your feelings on paper because someone else may read it, like your spouse perhaps?... Then, I encourage you to take that fear or hesitation as the finger pointing to something you really need to look at for your own healing. Do not allow anyone to read your healing work on yourself and take the necessary steps you need to in order to feel safe to get it all out on paper, but get it out. Don’t listen to that fear holding you back from your own evolution. Your healing is worth your effort and attention.

The last question to ask yourself is, “What will happen if I don’t do something about it.” “It” is referring to what you wrote about for your goal and wants as well as your obstacle, or block in the way. Write it all down, keep your work private and safe, take a deep breath, and now I ask you... “What are you going to do about it?”

Are you ready for change? I hope so because you’re already evolving whether you like it or not, and if you did this writing assignment then you’ve chosen to go even further along on your #evolutionpath with #consciousintention.

I’m excited for you! Let me know how it goes, and happy #healing everyone!


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