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Where Is Your Neck Pain Coming From?

Your neck pain is coming from a combination of muscle imbalances, repetitive motions and worrisome thought patterns.

Guess which one is the most important out of the three to address?

That’s right! Your thoughts!

How do I know? I know, because I used to think that most of my problems were caused by stress, but that there was nothing I could do about that so I tried everything under the sun to fix my physical problems with food and exercise and stretching, etc..

None of those things helped nearly as much as working on my mind.

When it comes to releasing tension in the neck, the most important way to do this is to first notice the thoughts that are causing increased tension.

This requires you to take time to sit quietly with your eyes closed and feel your body with your mind. Notice where you have tension in the body, take notice of the tension in your neck and shoulders and tell the tension to relax.

Imagine that you’re breathing into that tension and then while exhaling, invite your neck to relax, then watch and see what happens.

If you can slow down and focus enough that you can release even just a small amount of that tension with your mind, then notice, if and when the tension comes back.

If the tension comes back,… what were you just thinking?

If you can get to this point, then I bet you noticed that you were thinking a worrisome thought, or thought about something you are striving for, pushing for.

Once you notice yourself pushing mentally like this, you can then set a mental goal for yourself to catch yourself more often and correct yourself by relaxing and reminding yourself that none of this mental pushing will get you there any faster or fix the problem.

This is how you reprogram the mental component of healing your neck.

More in the next video.

If you would like guidance on releasing your body from the mental stresses and help to retrain yourself to think and feel the way you want to be, you can book a massage and Reiki session to start or book a discovery call so I can point you towards the perfect session for you. 👇

You can also call/text me to ask questions or book an appointment at...


Happy Healing & Transformation,



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