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My Healing Art & Jewelry Show

This video is all about my healing art concepts, my paintings and my jewelry that i like to create.

I was born an artist, it was the first talent I ever knew, and its been fun incorporating my other natural talents that i had to discover along the way into my art.

I'm selling prints of all of my paintings. They can come in almost any size. I usually have them printed on a canvas so its just like having the original in your home to admire and remind you about your connection to Source.

I also create Reiki infused crystal jewelry which can be customized to suit your healing goals or the goals of someone you love. A necklace made just for you can serve as a healing talisman and daily reminder to refocus your mind towards what you want. I can also, make maching earrings and bracelets if desired.

If You have any questions and would like to order, email me at

If you'd like to book a healing one on one session for coaching, reiki, hypnosis, or massage

call/text 805-914-4599 or you can browse and book online

Happy Healing Everyone!



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