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3 Ways That Keep You Grounded

Hello, as a holistic lifestyle mentor, I am often asked about how I take care of myself.

I want to share with you three ways that I get myself grounded so that I can show up in my relationships, and for my clients, feeling more calm and centered, and like “I’ve got this!”

Way 1- Do something physical, like yoga, stretching, or going for a walk. For me, yoga has been working tremendously because of the physical challenge keeping my head from thinking about problems and rooted into my body. I think an exercise that is a bit challenging will work best for you.

Way 2- Focus on the big picture. When I get caught up in all the details of life, this will often drag my energy level down, and it shows in how I react to the little things, and in my mood. You have to first notice your negative reactions, and then mentally redirect your thoughts towards the big picture that you are striving towards.

Way 3- Get a massage. I do a lot of self massage, but getting a professional massage is even better. Massage helps break down the fascia and release tension in the body which would otherwise cause anxiety,adding fuel to the fire. Massage helps by getting those feel good chemicals a boost in your body, to kick start you in a better direction. It’s also very healing to be touched with healing hands which make you feel cared for and nurtured, often in a way you didn’t know you needed.

This is how we heal holistically, by doing something for the mind, and doing something for the body, and then back-and-forth we go.

Being a Reiki Master Healer, Massage Therapist, life coach, and Hypnotherapist, I have many tools in my toolbox for helping my clients with what they need when they need it.

If you’d like to book a healing and grounding session with or without massage to help with your mind-body-soul alignment, then you can click here👇

You can also call/text me to ask questions or book an appointment, I do work hours not available online…


Happy Healing & Transformation,



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