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Reconnect With Your Spiritual Self

Sometimes life takes a few dips and turns and we feel like we’ve lost our connection that we once had to our spiritual selves.

This happens to everyone and, for me, it’s helpful to think about my spiritual connection throughout my life just like I look at a single meditation session.

Sometimes meditation can feel easy and like you can connect deeply more quickly and other times you can get there but it can take a while and sometimes it’s like you can’t connect at all.

This is normal and it is helpful to accept This as part of the process so that we don’t get discouraged and not do it at all.

I feel like our connection to our spiritual selves throughout our lifetime is just like this. Sometimes it feels deep, and sometimes it feels dim, but it’s helpful to remember, but it is always there, and not to go through the motions of connecting is sometimes good enough.

Just keep practicing and come for a Reiki session.

I have helped many people reconnect with one Reiki session, and it helps me as well, when doing self Reiki to get myself in that flow before going deeper into meditation.

Reiki is a practice in flowing high vibration, positive energy, from the universe, through ourselves.

Reiki feels electric, powerful and uplifting, and it shifts us to the next step, whatever that may be.

If you feel like you’d like help with your reconnection to your spiritual self, you can book a Reiki session with me either in person or online.

You could also book a Reiki Massage combo to help with your complete mind-body-soul alignment, click here👇

You can also call/text me to ask questions or book an appointment at...


Happy Healing & Transformation,



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