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Meditation Support With Reiki

If it’s hard to meditate because your mind likes to think, analyze, and plan, then this is for you…

Think of meditation as just getting yourself calm and centered.

I think there are many ways to meditate and to different degrees of depth, but they’re all good if they’re good for you.

I like to sit upright and start with deep breathing, but if my mind is feeling like it’s determined to wander, I’ll summon my reiki energy.

Focusing myself to feel the flow of Reiki and my hands activating is one of my tricks to getting calm and centered.

It’s not just the feeling of the energy, but the focus part that is helping me.

I like to play like I've never done Reiki before, and wait for the energy to show me what it feels like, where it's coming from, and where it’s going.

It’s this act of paying close attention with a beginner’s mind that gets me to go deep into meditation and start to feel that vast feeling of my soul.

You can try this even if you aren’t trained in Reiki. All you have to do is sit, or lay down, in a comfortable position. Sit, if laying down will make you fall asleep. Then, begin with deep, big belly breathing. As you continue to practice breathing like this, begin to take notice of your energy.

Just watch yourself, feel your body, see if you can notice fluctuations in your body.

Maybe you can feel pressure in your head, maybe you can feel your hands buzzing, or maybe you can’t notice anything different.

Just allow the act of watching yourself to be your focus and see what happens.

This practice will get you at least somewhat calmer then before you started, if not really calm, so allow your experience to be enough.

Now, just keep practicing a little every day, and if this completely frustrates you, then try meditation with motion. This means it could be walking, running, dancing, yoga, Pilates, weightlifting, etc, along with an intention to really focus on the action you’re taking.

However you decide to practice meditation, the point is to get calm and centered and to get there more easily in time.

If you’d like some more support with your meditation practice and mind-body healing,

Then book a healing session with me or free discovery call to talk about how I can best support your goals:

You can also text me to ask questions or book an appointment at...



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