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How To Heal Deep Childhood Wounds

There are endless ways you can heal yourself from unwanted childhood traumas that you hold on to.

This unwanted energy boils down to a belief that keeps you thinking a repetitive, negative thought.

These negative thoughts are so persistent that you feel sad, angry, disappointed, and uneasy with life circumstances and/or the people who cross your path.

Let me explain how to heal by explaining how one of my clients healed his deep childhood wound in ten minutes.

During the massage part of his session with me, he mentioned his guilt that he feels.

During the second part of his session we did Reiki, and I could feel the sadness in his solar plexus and abdomen so great, it’s as if he’s experienced tremendous loss.

I decided that I needed to remind him about the guilt he mentioned earlier.

I asked him if he’d be willing to talk to the guilt feeling he holds inside to see what’s really going on.

He was willing, and while continuing the Reiki, I guided him down a deep subconscious conversation with his own guilt.

The guilt was willing to communicate, and showed him two mental images which led him to feeling the freedom he had lost.

The healing he needed was done!

It took a ten minute conversation with himself and all I did was gently guide it.

Once the freedom was remembered and felt, I anchored it in with more Reiki and hypnosis.

His persistent guilt, that he learned to feel in childhood, was just trying to get him to remember that he matters, his freedom matters, and that he is worth the energy used in figuring out how to feel free among the busyness of having a career and family.

The healing he needed was already in him, he just needed to be reminded of his Power. Now he can keep reminding himself of his Power and keep healing when more internal issues arise.

This is personal evolution!

You also have the Power in you to heal your deep childhood wounds and continue remembering your True Energy, your Core energy, your Power, and heal yourself.

You are evolving already. This is how you do it on purpose!

If this resonates, then you are ready!

Book a healing session with me or free discovery call to talk about how to get started:

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