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Heal That Pain In Your Neck...Holistically! Part 2

Last week, in Part 1 of “Heal That Pain In Your Neck...Holistically!”, I talked about that chronic neck pain or recurring stiffness in your neck that seems to wax and wane, but never quite goes away.

I also talked about how Your body is manifesting this pain and stiffness sensation for a reason, and It is your job to get curious and to wonder what the root cause could be so you can finally heal.

Repetitive movements like working on your phone and looking down for too long are definitely part of the cause of your pain, but there is often more to it than just one thing.

Last week’s video went over some stretches and exercises you can do to help release your neck from this physical tension and stress.

This week I want to talk more about how mental and emotional stress gets caught in your neck tissues.

I told you how, a few years back, I was under a lot of stress with a family situation. It was during this time that I also had very intense and chronic neck pain where I couldn’t move my neck very much and it lasted for months.

I was working a lot, pushing myself physically to tend to as many clients as I could so I could make money for my family. I was also waking up in the middle of the night with my shoulders up near my ears and very tensely in a ball.

The stress of trying too hard to mentally figure out how to help someone in my life who was making a lot of poor decisions for themselves, combined with the stress of not taking care of myself enough and working way too hard was obviously manifesting in my sleep.

Once I caught myself getting this bad, I had to put my foot down.

I started meditating every day and taking deep, deep belly breaths as I sat cross legged with my spine straight. I began this practice to help me with the mental aspects of stress mostly, but what I got was a tremendous physical release in my neck and spine as well.

The more I practiced this type of meditation, the more deeply I was able to take in breath. The more breath I was able to take in, the more my spine became aligned, and I could feel my spine cracking into place as if there was a chiropractor standing at my shoulders as I was sitting there in meditation.

The release in my neck that I was starting to feel was very obviously in connection to this deep breath meditation I was doing, so I started to do it three times a day. After doing this for a few months, I was able to move my neck again like normal, and I felt calmer and more connected to my healing power (Reiki).

This healing didn’t happen overnight, but it was obvious that I was healing progressively the entire duration.

Getting a Reiki session and massage weekly is helpful to keep your muscles relaxed as well as your mood and keep you in alignment towards your goals, but nothing can replace daily self-care.

Watch the video to follow along in meditation.

When your body doesn’t feel good, it makes it more difficult to have a positive mindset. The same is true in reverse. When you have a negative mood and mindset that’s perpetuating overtime, this energy will manifest in your body in some way shape or form, and neck pain is just one of those ways.

Release your body from pain, stress, and anxiety so you can enjoy your life now, and feel free to create the best, most aligned future imaginable.

To continue your momentum towards holistic healing of your body, mind, and your emotions, check out these 5 Holistic Touch Online Group Classes which will help you…

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These classes are a great way to introduce yourself to feeling your body, mind and spirit connection so you can live your life on the highest level of alignment towards health, peace, and enjoyment!

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