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Guilt Is A Wasted Emotion!

Do you feel guilt about being better off and living on a higher level than others you love?

It’s easy to feel some level of survivor's guilt when those around you aren’t living, and enjoying their life, like you.

This comes up often with many of my clients because most have already begun to be self aware, which is why they know that they want my support to align themselves further.

Falling into the trap of feeling guilt is easy to do when you’re a very caring and giving type of person, you want others to heal and thrive with you.

I totally get it, but what I remind my clients, and also myself at times, is that guilt is a wasted emotion!

You know that staying on the guilt train is a waste of energy for two reasons.

One, it’s a negative state of mind, so that alone is enough to tip you off that it’s not a healing, or helpful state of mind.

Second, guilt cycles you back onto itself. You think thoughts about where you are and how your loved one is not there with you, and then you think thoughts about how it’s not fair and how they deserve to thrive just as much as you do. Then, you feel guilt again, and nothing shifts. You get stuck!

To feel anger can be bad if you stay there, but sometimes it’s good because it can move you towards change.

Guilt changes nothing, so the next time you catch yourself in a guilt state of mind, remind yourself that guilt is a negative state and that’s not helpful for healing you or them.

Then, choose to make your happiness and healing a priority so you can continue to evolve into your best self and be an example to inspire others toward the same.

I can help you Release from guilt, stress, and worry so you can enjoy your life now and feel free to create the best, most aligned future imaginable.

If you’re interested in working 1:1 with me, then contact me on my website…

Or, if you’re local, shoot me a text at...


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