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Forgive Worry Programming

Do you worry and stress over other peoples’ well being?

Is this so they know you care and love them?🤔

We are programmed to think we need to show worry, care, and concern, otherwise we don’t care.

I have a very specific childhood memory, where I was taught to show stress, worry, and concern in my face, body language, and actions.

I had lost my very important ruby necklace that’s been given to me at birth, and I’m seven years old.

I just couldn’t find it anywhere, and I found myself making a choice to either freak out, or to be calm. I was afraid to tell my mother, but I knew I had to, and that worrying about it wasn’t going to bring the necklace back. So I very maturely, at seven years old, chose to be calm.

My mother ended up freaking out, and while she searched frantically for the necklace, she noticed that I was calm…

Then she freaked out more…

She accused me of not caring, and then ended up breaking my jewelry box through her frustrated movements...That made me cry…

She translated my tears as a sign that I cared more about my jewelry box than my birth necklace.

I knew why I was crying, I was crying because my mother broke my property needlessly. I was very confused, and as a result learned to show worry and anxiety as a sign that I care, and to also protect myself from people’s misunderstandings.

I have spent most of my adult life reprogramming my mind from bullshit, like this, and it’s not my mothers fault, she was programmed this way as well.

The First step towards reprogramming this worrywart behavior is to observe others and notice how they show concern about things they have no control over just to show their goodness.😉

This was the beginning for me, as a young adult, I took notice of how adults would express concern for other peoples catastrophes, in the news for example.

I could really feel how they felt like they were “so good”, you know what I mean? Like they’re such a good person because they take notice of all the atrocities going on in the world...🙄 and are humble because they just wish everybody could have a perfect life.😒

It really got on my nerves, and then I started to pay attention to myself to make sure I wasn’t doing this also.

So, this is the second step, pay attention to how you express worry and when.

Take notice of what you do, like a curious scientist, without judgment and shame.

The next step is to know how you’d rather be, how you’d rather act, and how you’d rather feel inside.

What is all this worry doing anyway? Is it really helping anybody? And isn’t it true, that it’s just making you feel worse for no reason, and to no end.

Now, just correct your behaviors when you catch yourself almost, or in the middle of, worrying needlessly. Be patient with yourself, this will take time and persistence.

You are a human being, with human programming, which will take time to rewrite, and the self evolution and healing work never ends. There’s always more, and you should be bored if this wasn’t the case.

Choose to Forgive yourself, and others, so you can feel a sense of freedom and peace at your core again!

I can help you get your mind, body, and soul all on the same page so you can forgive, and feel freer, happier, healthier, and more aligned with your best life frequency, than ever before.

If you’re interested in working 1:1 with me, then contact me on my website…

Or, if you’re local, shoot me a text at...


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