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Meditation Vs Prayer

mediation prayer

Mediation has become an important part of my life. The phases we go through have a cycle and there are periods of time when meditation may come easily and periods when it does not. Like many of us, there are still times that I find calming my mind and living in the present moment without worry just impossible. Being able to sit or lay down for 20 minutes or more every day in a completely silent and serene state may be the goal, but if meditation is intimidating for you because you feel like your mind will never calm down enough to get anywhere, then I’d advise you to just pray.

Prayer is a form of meditation and meditation is a form of prayer. What’s most important is to take the time for pause in our often hectic lifestyles and reflect inward. You may take that time to reflect on your goals and accomplishments, pray for inspiration, for love, and forgiveness, or perhaps just ask to be guided toward living your truth in complete abundance.

Regardless of whether or not you become good at meditation should not matter, what matters is finding what works for you so you can live as positive a life as possible without trying to be perfect. I challenge you, today, to add prayer and/or meditation into your daily routine and elevate your quality of life to the next level in your spiritual progression.

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