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Attracting Love


The search for a life partner is universal. That special person would be somebody that you not only love, but you also feel compatible with on a mental, emotional, and physical level. A crystal’s healing energy can attract that complementary soul into your life. You can keep these crystals in your pocket, place them around your home, and you can also wear them on a necklace that dangles near the heart.

My favorite love stone is Rose quartz. It’s a stone of unconditional love that can gently dissolve blockages in your heart that are keeping you from completely loving yourself. This sympathetic stone brings forgiveness and self-acceptance. Wearing this stone and placing a peice on your heart during meditation regularly will open spiritual doors, and increases inner self love making room for outer love to find you.

I hope you all had a love filled Valentine’s Day yesterday, regardless of whether or not you’re already with your life partner, and that everyday we all continuously fall deeper in love with ourselves, and in turn the rest of the world.

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