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Survive or Thrive?

Human beings need touch. This should be a basic human need along with food, water, and shelter. We may not need human touch to survive, but we definitely, and most emphatically, need it to thrive.

Genuine platonic touch, such as a friendly hug, a pat on the back, or a touch on the hand, releases the brain chemical Oxytocin. This “love hormone” gives us that feeling of safety, contentment, and that we are being supported. When regular doses of this love chemical are being distributed throughout the body the effectiveness of our immune system is increased, our ability to adapt and cope with everyday stresses is improved, and our mental and emotional capability is expanded so that we are living our lives at an optimum level as often as possible.

Human touch can be a powerful healing energy exchange, which is why the benefits of receiving regular massage treatments run much deeper than simply fixing tight muscles. The symbiotic relationship between client and masseuse serves as an emotional healing pause in our often hectic and frantic lifestyles. It has become obvious to me, both in my observations as a healer as well as in my personal spiritual journey, that making room in our lives for these spiritual pauses is vital for the evolution of our soul path.

So, I leave you with this question. Do you choose to live your life as a survivor, or do you want to one day be able look back on the years of your life and be able to say, "I Thrived! " ?

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