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You Are The Creator And The Receiver

Finding balance in life can be a challenge.

You want to feel calmer and more relaxed more of the time, but the stress of life creeps in and steals it away more often than not.

What can you do?

First, realize that you are putting all this effort into creating your life, but what’s the point if you can’t enjoy it?

What is the point in any creation without a gracious receiver?

Pay attention to how you are receiving your own life creations.

If you choose to stay in worry and fear about the unknown, regardless of the good coming in from your efforts, then your life just passes you by only partially received.

Do more allowing the good of life in, by practicing noticing what your worried thoughts are saying, and remind them that life is short, and nothing lasts forever…

The point of life is to create magic in a human and physical way. Part of that magic must be experiencing the feeling of what that magic brings… as well as creating it.

You are the Creator and the Receiver of your life, so put equal attention in both areas.

Relax as the receiver more often. Spend time enjoying, appreciating, and nothing more.

Remember… without enjoying it, the creation is meaningless.

You can find balance and live a more relaxed and healing way of life by learning to check in with your worried thoughts and communicating to them what is needed.

I can coach you through this process of going within the subconscious mind and understanding what’s at the root of your issue and teach you how to coach yourself as more issues come up on your healing journey.

Book a healing session with me or free discovery call to talk about how to get started:

You can also text me to ask questions or book an appointment at...




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