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Stay Grounded and Calm, Even When Your Loved One Is Not

Do you wish you were better at staying centered, calm, and balanced even when your loved ones are completely out of control and chaotic?

Actually, especially when your loved ones are completely out of control and chaotic, LOL.

This is when you’re grounded awesomeness is most needed, but the reality is that you get tripped up way more than you would like to admit.

I understand you completely! The ones that trip me up the most often are my young teenagers. If you have these as well, I am sending you my love… and a thousand angels….and an arsenal of archangel Michael’s to protect you, lol.

I swear, kids really show you who you are. I sometimes say to people, half jokingly, you think you’re so spiritual? Let’s see how spiritual you are while having to take care of a few unhappy kids!

So let’s get down to business here, you want to stay grounded even when those around you are completely unhinged.

I promise this is possible and probable if you choose to do what’s necessary to train yourself.

Step one- identify the problem behavior within yourself.

The first thing I had to do was identify what I didn’t like, which was, I would yell back at my kids when they yell at me. Once I clearly identified that I did this more than I wanted to, I became more aware of the behavior and this is truly the first step…Awareness.

Step two- catch yourself when you do it and stop.

It sounds funny to say stop, like it’s so easy, But it is easy once you have the awareness to catch yourself and the desire in place to stop.

Step three- remove yourself from the situation.

Most of the time at this point we’re a little frazzled and need to remove ourselves so we can get calm.

If you're home during one of these encounters then it’s easy to just walk away and go to your room, but it’s best to communicate what you’re doing. Tell your loved one that you’re walking away so that you don’t yell, then remove yourself.

If you’re out and about, in your car, or in a public place and you can’t necessarily do this, then what I would suggest is you communicate to your loved one how you feel and that you are going to be silent because you don’t want to yell. Let them know what’s going on in your mind so they don’t think you’re ignoring them.

Step four- do what you do to get yourself calm and grounded again. There’s so many tools you can use, you could use affirmations, deep breathing, think of a happy memory… Whatever it is that triggers you back into a grounded and peaceful state, do it and do it with intention to find your center again so that you can have a conversation with your loved one with the energy that you choose to exude, as opposed to the energy that comes out of a reaction.

By the way, whatever activity you do to get yourself back to center will work a lot more effectively if you regularly practice it instead of waiting for a blowup to trigger your practice.

With a combination of cultivating a self healing practice that gets you calm and centered, while increasing your self-awareness with your loved ones, you will grow into loving yourself, and others, more unconditionally, which is a reflection of you raising your vibration.

As you raise your vibration of being, you get to show up in the world as a version of you that you choose to be which positively spills over into all of your relationships.

Take a deep dive into your self healing and self awareness, with my 1:1 Mind, Body, Soul program to learn to drop the old negative energy patterns that you no longer want in your life so you can be happier, healthier, more free and in love with life than ever before!

Book a “no strings” 20 minute discovery call on my website to get started.


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