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Deep Breath!


Take three deep breaths. How often have you heard this advice for calming your mood down? I have heard this countless times and have tried it countless times with very minimal positive results. Self care is a passion of mine and i'm always looking to try new things so I can help my clients as I've helped myself. Lately, I have been practicing this breath-work technique where you lay on your back and breathe deeply and quickly for about 20 minutes. When you breath in your belly expands first, then your chest expands, and eventually, with practice you will feel the fibers between your rib cage start to stretch so your capacity to breathe in air will increase. Therefore the amount of oxygen in your blood will also increase, and your bodies natural self healing abilities naturally follow suit.

So, while taking three deep breaths is certainly beneficial if you do it often enough, I strongly recommend setting time aside for doing breath-work regularly. This breathing practice trains your lungs to be able to breathe properly more often throughout the day and the euphoric effect on the mind is indescribable. You have to try it for yourself!

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