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Ground Yourself?

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Do you ever experience feelings of being overwhelmed, overthinking, or trouble sleeping. These are common symptoms of needing to be grounded into the subtle energies of our bodies. I have been recently wondering what the best way is to get grounded. During meditate I usually scan my body from head to toe, but I have to admit, the majority of my energy is often concentrated on the upper half of my body’s energy channels as I’m praying and paying attention to my psychic intuition.

I had a dream last night about trying to fly in a storm where the winds were chaotic. Now when I say fly, I mean like Super-Man. Flying dreams are very empowering, but in this particular dream I was trying to use my “top body” powers to propel me through the wind, and I found my flight pattern to be chaotic and sporadic and impossible to get very far safely. Then I intuitively looked at my feet, and a presence or person next to me gave me the idea to use the energy from my feet, like a jet, propelling me upward using my power from the ground. I did as I was instructed, and as I flew up through the air I found that my flight pattern through the chaotic winds was, indeed, strong and straight.

Now this was just a dream, but it was a very telling dream. Our spirits were created from the upward energies, the heavens, and our bodies were created from the lower energies, the earth. Both energy sources are equally important and essential for living a balanced and abundant life. I’ve been doing some experimentation on how exactly to get grounded, and I think that the earthing concept is really the best way.

Earthing is when you walk or stand on the ground barefoot, or if your lying down you need at least two points of contact. This practice reconnects our energy to the earth’s healing electromagnetic field. Unfortunately, if you don’t own your own home with non-pesticide ridden grass or ground, this could become a puzzle without having to drive to the nearest hike trail . In my home I just so happen to have a piece of stone slab, don’t ask me why, and I decided to stand on the slab and meditate with both feet firmly on the stone, imagining three cords going down from both feet as well as my tailbone. The two cords from my feet were black and the one from my tailbone was red, and they all ran deep into the core of the earth. I could feel a being or presence, that oversees all matters of the earth, pulling on the cords and holding them there tightly for me. The longer I did this the more I could feel my feet get warm and a pressure growing up from my feet and gradually all the way up my body to my head. As I let this feeling take over I knew that this connection with the earth I was experiencing was peeling layers off of my body and healing me much the same way that getting a Reiki treatment does.

Practicing this type of grounding meditation, with or without putting your feet on the ground, will help calm an over thinking mind and balance out the time we spend on our computers and smartphones adding yet another tool into our daily routines for promoting optimal, abundant lifestyles.

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