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Healers Need Healing Too


I am a healer and nurturer at my core, and I’ve learned many different skills to be able to transfer my healing energy to others. These avenues of healing are massage touch, Reiki Energy Healing, my art and jewelry and also my intuition and words. Like many healers, I take on a lot of my clients’ energy, thus, why it is important to maintain a healing balance within myself in which I work through daily by taking care of myself through meditation, massage, physical fitness and stretching, and wearing my healing energy jewelry. If you’re a mother, a father, a caregiver, health care provider, even a boss, you probably understand what I mean. Honestly, to some degree, we are all healers at some point or another within our lives. So, generally it is important that we all take care of ourselves in order to increase our own divine light and therefore more effectively heal and be the light to brighten the rest of the world.

Our bodies hold onto stored energy from head to toe. From knotted muscles, to tight tendons, from arthritic joints, to headaches, or even skin breakout; they are all signs of energy that is trapped and wanting to be moved. Massaging the body will move this energy so that you can more easily release it from the body. Reiki energy healing does a similar thing, but more so to the aura. As I’m giving Reiki to a client and pouring light into the chakra energy fields there becomes less room for negativity so emotional and spiritual breakthroughs can begin or continue to blossom.

The art and healing jewelry I create is also an effective healing tool for both the mind and the soul. I bless all my healing metal designs and crystal talismans with Reiki energy to increase its healing properties for the wearer. The high vibrations of the jewelry will help protect your energy and attract the types of people and situations you want to bring to your life. They will also remind you of your healing goals keeping you motivated to take the actions required in order for you to help the universe manifest what you desire. I wear my jewelry every day, especially when doing massage and Reiki work. I feel protected and that my natural healing energy is amplified to make me a more effective healer.

I believe with all my heart that the mind, body, and spirit heal most effectively and efficiently when one prepares a routine to provide themselves with regular actions daily that they take towards holistic healing.

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