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Your Mind-Body Connection And It’s Warning Signals

Understand your body’s warning signals, before dis-ease sets in!

Have you ever noticed the patterns and synchronization between your mind, body, and your emotions?

Take notice as how your body feels right now as you scan yourself mentally from head to toe.

What have you noticed?

Was there tightness, aches, pains?

Is their excitement stirring in your solar plexus?

And what about your face? Is your forehead wrinkling between your eyes?

How do these physical sensations connect to how you feel emotionally?

My neck has been hurting more than normal on the sides. Upon observing why that is I realized it’s from practicing energy work more and more and moving my energy with my breath and I am straining more than I should be, so it’s going up into my neck.

This leads me to ask myself, why am I straining?

And where else in my life am I pushing too hard unnecessarily?


Am I straining because I am trying to push myself too quickly?

And where else am I stressing myself needlessly in an effort to move too quickly?

Hmmmm... is it Thinking too much about which platform to focus my business on? LOL, instead of allowing the answer to come more magically while in meditation or doing a mundane task.

Am I worrying too much about Mandating my teenagers screen time? lol… instead of explaining to them the addiction dangers and eye strain risk and then letting them make their own decisions. ( Side note, my kids aren’t 5 anymore)


Where else?

Once I feel satisfied with my list of things that could possibly be the answer, I can then experiment with letting go more in these areas and then checking in with how I feel about the results.

Life is a game when you choose to look at it that way, including the process of your own healing.

Life should be fun, experiential, and intriguing!

Now that I know what I want to work on in my mental and emotional bodies, now I can feel into what I can do to shift and free up the energy in my physical body that feels in alignment with my mental/emotional work.

For me this is the neck, so I can experiment with breathing into the tightness in the neck addressing the energy and play with how it wants to move and then move it and experiment with it., while meditating on letting go mentally and emotionally, being more playful in my life with my children and my business and allowing the stretch of my neck to be a physical gesture representing the release I’m trying to hard to control in my mental and emotional bodies

Perhaps my neck feels like it wants to be stretched from side to side, so I’ll do that, I'll still stay mentally focused on releasing, and getting more flexible in my life with my children, and my business.

Then I might feel like I want to stretch my neck out and open my mouth wide, sticking my tongue out to release energy both physically and energetically, so I do that and see what happens, see how it feels.

Perhaps I’ll do downward dog to stretch my lats which are connected to the neck and then dangle my head loosely imagining energy releasing from the top of my head down into the earth soon to be cleansed and renewed.

Being mindful of how the mind and the emotions and the physical body connect helps you heal from all angles, more efficiently and in a way that will stick because it will become a way of life.

Speaking of a way of life, doing a new moon ritual every month has become a part of my way of life to continue manifesting the magic on an energetic level in combination with taking action to create those goals in this physical world.

I’d like to invite you to continue understanding and cleansing your physical, mental and soul energy connections in my Full Moon Energy Cleanse online class.

In this class we will practice and explore fun ways to gain clarity for your healing goals, and tune in to your own healing power with the help of the transpersonal connection with the group. This will be a fun, intuitive, and cleansing experience for everyone involved including myself!

I look forward to connecting and healing with you this Next full moon, Sunday the 28th.

See my new Events and Classes page to sign up. Only ten spots available so get yours now.


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