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When Your Child Insists On Self Destructive Behavior!

How frustrating is it when your child insists on continuing self destructive behavior?

This self-destructive behavior could be as small as your little one eating too much sugar when you’re not looking, or as serious as your teenager suffering from anxiety and depression.

I remember one mom coming to me with her teenage son because of his anxiety/ depression around losing his best friend to suicide.

She was tired of watching him close himself up in his room and shut himself off from the world, including from his friends who are still here and worried about him.

It wasn’t his normal behavior, but it had been going on for too long, and she needed to try something different.

So she brought him in for a Reiki and coaching session.

He was a shy and sweet young man, but not too shy to open up just enough to begin the healing dialogue.

First, He talked to me about the sadness and guilt he held onto around his friends passing. Next, I did some energy work to help him release the energy that wasn’t his own, and then, I taught him some self soothing techniques to help him ground and recalibrate his own energy.

The things I taught him were completely new to him, and given his young age, at times he felt a little silly, but he listened to my instruction and after our session was over, he felt a renewed sense of purpose for his life.

When I checked in with his mother a few days later, she reported that he was hanging out with his friends again and acting normal for the first time in months since losing his best friend.

I am so grateful and honored to be able to do this healing work, and to help those who need me the most.

He learned how to pull the break on the negative thought patterns and awaken back to his own energy so that he could feel free to be his happy, vibrant self again, and keep living his life without survivors guilt weighing him down.

You can also pull the break on the thoughts which don’t serve you and realign to your Best Self energy and true life path.

Set up a discovery call on my website to talk and learn more🤗


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