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Stuck In Anger

Don’t you hate that feeling of getting stuck in anger?

We know it’s not good for us, yet it can be hard to snap out of the cycling thoughts of anger and frustration.

I go through this myself from time to time, and what I have learned about myself is that no one can do this work for me. No one can snap me out of it.

I have to be the one to get myself out of the mud before anyone else can even begin to help cheer me up.

I have to initiate my own healing process. It’s from this place that others can begin to help me fill my cup with light, because I finally took the lid off.

This is what helps me take the lid off, so to speak…

I Go outside for a brisk walk, listen to uplifting music, or my favorite podcast… currently Abraham.

The long walk is a huge part of it, about an hour. When energy is too frantic and makes meditation impossible, it’s better to walk and go through a mental meditation while walking and releasing the energy in a physical way.

For me, doing this outside is also a huge part of it. Feeling the wind on my face and moving through it quickly makes me feel like I’m being washed and cleansed from the negative energy I’m trying to release.

This walk helps me snap out of the negativity just enough to allow the guidance of my loved ones to actually help, to allow meditation to work, and to start back on my positive energy momentum train once again.

Try it next time you’re even a little bit angry or sad and let me know how you feel afterwards, send me a message or an email.

You have the power to get yourself out of your anger, frustration and sadness.

I can help you learn how to understand your emotions, understand your internal conflicts, and sift through the energy that is both yours and not yours.

It is through this sifting and sorting and understanding that you learn about who you really are, and while the parts you no longer need just fall away, the parts you love will grow and strengthen.

From this state of being, getting stuck in anger and sadness happens less often, and it’s easier to stay happy, healthy and vibrant the way you are meant to be.

To learn more and talk about the ways I can help, set up a discovery call on my website or text me.

If you’re local, shoot me a text at...



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