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Staying Grounded During Change

It can be a challenge to stay grounded, calm, and centered when your life is filled with uncertainty.

Currently, I don’t have a kitchen so I cook my meals in the garage and sleep in the half of the house that’s completely finished, and have to walk carefully through the dirt front yard when in heels.

For many, this would not be a livable situation, but for me, the hardest part is the uncertainty around the financial aspects of undertaking such a huge project.

How I stay grounded during all this is mediation.

I do other things as well, stretching my body is also a huge part of staying grounded for me and regularly checking in with myself to make sure I’m getting everything I need for my happiness.

Of course there are times when I don’t do some, or all of these things, which is why I know that this is what I need to keep myself grounded.

Especially meditation!!!

I say this because when I go into meditation, the feeling that comes with my meditation helps me remember everything else I need to stay grounded.

I want to show you how I currently meditate and what’s been working for me in my video, but I will try to break it down here for you as well.

First, I sit in a cross legged position and get myself comfortable which might mean a little stretching.

Next, I close my eyes and connect to my breath. This means that I am closely listening to The sound of my breathing and then the feeling of the breath moving in and out. While doing this, I am also focusing on breathing low, deep and slow and allowing my belly to expand completely and fully.

When my atmosphere is silent, what I do next is listen closely for a humming in the silence. This part I cannot always do, there is often a lot of noise here, but just the act of listening closely, whether I can actually hear the humming or not, helps me go deeper into relaxation.

After this, I ask archangel Gabriel to let me know they are here. I do this because I feel close to this particular entity. For you it may be a different Angel, or your spirit guide, or your higher self, or God. When I ask Gabriel to communicate, I always feel a fullness/or Reiki feeling in my mouth, jaw, and throat. I equate this to Gabriel's communication with me, and now every time I go into meditation and ask, the same fullness appears.

At this point, sometimes I ask for my Reiki to turn on even though it often already is, but when I ask, it seems to get stronger.

Sometimes I just sit and listen, feel and notice. I’ll Notice visions in my mind's eye, as well as sensations in my body.

Sometimes I just sit and bask in the calm centered feeling, and sometimes I ask questions and wait to see what happens.

It is from this state of being that I most trust the thoughts and compulsions coming from me.

It is also from this state of being that I may check in with myself for what I need for my increased happiness and healing.

This is my current breakdown that works for me to get myself grounded, calm and centered. The details of how I meditate evolves over time, but what has remained the same has been the checking in with the breathing.

Start practicing your meditation by checking in with your breathing and paying close attention to your breath, after this play around, with what works for you and see what feels natural for you to do next, if anything.

Let me know how this works for you and if you have any questions, and remember that I am here for you.

Everything that I do with my clients is for helping you get more grounded. This is from massage, all the way to Reiki and everything in between.

Every modality will take you down deeper to your core self so you can feel closer to who you truly are.

If you’d like to book a healing session and/or massage to help with your mind-body-soul alignment, then you can click here👇

You can also call/text me to ask questions or book an appointment, I do work hours not available online…



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