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Reprogram Your Mind And Finally Heal

It’s St. Patrick’s day and I really want to manifest my perfect health, and flawless connection to my own intuition and powers.

Wouldn’t you like that as well?

We all know that perfection is unattainable, but sometimes it can feel like you're hardly getting anywhere.

it’s hard to stay motivated towards your health and wellness goals when it seems like you’re just slowly chipping away and you’re not getting there as quickly as you’d like.

This can create a pessimistic mindset which will then create guilt because you know better, and this guilt feeling in the pit of your stomach which will then create more physical health issues.

Because our minds, and emotions are so linked to our physical bodies it is best to heal a little bit at a time in all three areas at once creating a synergistic healing effect between these areas.

Your mind is like a computer, and can be programmed and has been programmed which is why it’s difficult to stay positive. You have been programmed into negative thinking by the adults that took care of you as a child, by teachers, by friends, and by society in general.

Be gentle with yourself through your healing process and recognize what you’re up against.

So instead of indulging in the guilt and creating more health problems for yourself, recognize that guilt feeling as a red flag, and then rewrite your thoughts to program yourself in the opposite and healing direction of your choosing.

Affirmations work, but you have to work at them every day in order to truly reprogram.

Affirmation to yourself out loud every day, and twice a day preferably…

“ I am allowed to make mistakes, they are part of my human process and evolution.”

“ God doesn’t make mistakes, I am here just as I am right now for a reason.“

“ I am playful And curious with understanding my intuition and healing needs.”

Program these loving thoughts into yourself and commit to discovering how to love yourself unconditionally so that you can be an example of how to do that for others and raise your vibration so that you can heal your relationships purely with your presence.

Know what you’re intending to attract at the end of your rainbow, and create the healing energy needed in order to manifest that, all along to the pot of gold!

Curious about doing deeper subconscious and energy healing 1:1 work with me?

DM to set up a “No Strings” 20 minute phone call to see if we’re a good fit!


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