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Release Your Stress & Anxiety

This blog is for you if you experience stress and anxiety often, about all kinds of things, or if it just happens to you from time to time.

For me, the most stress and anxiety comes in the form of worry. This could look like me worrying about my kids or worrying if I’ll get a task finished on time, or if I’m spiritually evolving quickly enough to be “on time” with my life’s purpose…lol.

All of these worries have a voice, a running dialog going through my head.

I bet your stress, anxiety, and worry has a voice too.

The first step to calm and soothe the stress, anxiety, and worry running through you is to realize the thought that’s causing that negative emotion.

If your thoughts are running rampant and you’re not paying attention to them, then they’re just gonna keep running rampant and hurting you.

The First step really is to be aware of those running dialogues going through your mind. Take inventory of your thoughts, don’t push them aside. This hasn’t gotten you anywhere with them so far, so try something different…listen to them.

One of my most healing coaching techniques I use with clients is to guide them through a conversation with those rampant thoughts.

Like a small child needing attention, oftentimes these thoughts just need attention… Your attention.

A Great beginning to understanding the deep parts of yourself would be to sit in meditation, begin your deep belly breathing, and hear the voices that run through.

When you notice a thought, let it know you hear it, and then ask if it has anything else it wants to tell you.

Don’t try to fix anything, don’t try to get rid of it, just listen… like a loving parent.

As you’re doing this, continue to do your deep meditation breathing and wait for the next thought.

Remember that you’re not trying to fix anything at this moment, you’re just being present for yourself.

Oftentimes our anxiety, stress, and worry come from us trying too hard to fix something and figure it out.

See how the act of listening, and not trying to figure it out, combined with deep breathing makes you feel.

Let me know how it goes.

If you would like to go deeper into learning to allow your stress, anxiety and worry energies to fall away so that you can feel like the calm, collected version of the Real You, then book a Reiki, Inner Dynamics, or Hypnosis session on my website.

For questions, and To learn more about the ways I can help, set up a free discovery call on my website or text me.

If you’re local, text at...



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