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Let Me Tell You About My Super Powers…

Do you ever feel like you should have super powers, or that you do and you just forgot how to use them?

I have had so many dreams that I could light things on fire with my mind, or move objects across the room, and even boil water just by looking at it and telling it to do so.

When I wake up from these dreams, I feel like I can still do these things and it’s like I just forgot how.

I really do believe that there are people in this world That can do these things, and that the Reiki energy I channel is from the same energy that does these things.

The more I practice using Reiki and connecting it to the kundalini Earth energy, the more I feel electricity buzzing through me and many of my clients have been feeling this increase in energy as well.

I’ve been experimenting with speaking to this Source energy that I feel flowing through me as if it’s another human being and asking it to do things…then just seeing what happens.

Recently, When I had my hands on a client's chest, and I was feeling the energy increase, I silently told the energy to move where it’s needed the most. I then felt it shift to my right and down into his abdomen. After this session we talked and he did indeed feel this increase in energy flow as well as the movement into the abdomen.

My journey and evolution as a healer has been an exciting one. I love the work that I do and I know that my powers are increasing and will continue to till I drop.

Why are my powers increasing?

  • It’s because I’m settled into a time in my life where I know how to put myself first without apology.

  • I know how to retrieve my happiness and maintain it.

  • I know the tools that help me cultivate my confidence, calm, and peace and then actually follow through in using them.

  • I know that practicing these tools daily is why I am loving my life so much and my abilities are increasing.

  • And I am dedicated to getting even better at all of these things every day, forever.

I can help you learn to cultivate your confidence, calm, and peace so that you can be the happiest and healthiest version of you that you're truly meant to be and step into your power.

Set up a discovery call on my website to talk and learn more🤗

Or, if you’re local, shoot me a text at...



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