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How To Release Stress and Trauma From The Body

Clients are always asking me about releasing stress and trauma from the body.

Just like our body holds on to stress from repetitive movements, it also holds onto stress from repetitive emotions.

One of the most obvious ways my body has shown me that this is the case was when I woke up in the middle of the night and caught myself with my shoulders up near my ears and my whole body in a ball squeezing tightly.

My first thought was, oh, this is why my neck has been killing me. Then I thought about the person I thought of as a pain in my neck.

We hold tension in the body physically, often unconsciously, because of emotional turmoil.

Another thing I’ve caught myself doing, is breathing quickly and shallowly when under a lot of stress due to overthinking, rushing, feeling out of time, etc. At the same time of breathing quickly and shallowly, I find my hips are tightening and my legs are squeezing because I”m mentally rushing to the next step.

So how to get rid of this energy?

The first thing you want to do is to pay attention, catch yourself during these moments of holding tightness.

Then ask yourself, what was I thinking just now?

If you can catch the negative thoughts that are causing the tension, then you can become more quickly aware of it the next time it happens.

Mentally, you wanna work on reprogramming yourself. Rewrite the mental story, your perspective, that’s causing the tension into a more positive story that can allow you to relax.

Practice breathing deeply and low in the belly, and feel your shoulders drop as you’re doing it.

Also, when you’re angry or sad, it’s best to move that energy out with vigorous exercise. Do it with intention to release the negative thoughts, do it with purpose.

And finally, but not even remotely leastly, you need to stretch your body.

Stretch the muscles, stretch the tendons, the ligaments, the fascia that’s connecting all your tissues, and your nervous system.

Stretch your body and breathe deeply because as you’re breathing deeply you’re stretching your lungs, you’re stretching your shoulders back, and you’re, little by little, pushing your spine back into alignment.

I suggest you do all of this self care in addition to getting a massage so you can relax and let the negative energy go in a much deeper way.

Getting a Reiki session, as well, will take you even further into your release and healing, allowing you to feel your core energy, raise your vibration, and remember the power within you.

Keep working on yourself, layer by layer bring yourself to the best version of you. Create a lifestyle that supports momentum towards continued healing and evolution physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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