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How To Gain Confidence

Confidence is something almost everybody could use more of. 

I still feel like I Want more confidence, especially with public speaking. That being said, l know I’ve come a long way with confidence because I used to be a very shy child… most people would never guess this. 

The main thing to realize when wanting to grow to be more confident is that you can’t make yourself be more confident. You can’t just talk yourself into it and force it on a dime.

Becoming more confident is a process. Begin the process by realizing what thoughts, people, and circumstances have been in the way of your confidence.

What are the memories or stories running through your head that’s creating the lack of confidence?

This is the most important part of gaining confidence, because you can’t fix a problem that you don’t quite understand.

So once you understand what the problem is, what the obstacle is, then you can strategize towards fixing the problem and healing.

I’ll use myself as an example. I’ve been thinking about doing group classes at the healing Portal in Ventura fairly soon. 

Doing this both excites me and scares the shit out of me at the same time.

So first I noticed the fear response which tells me I have a lack of confidence lurking within me, and now I can ask myself what is the thought preceding that fear. 

When I pay attention like this, I notice the thoughts about not knowing enough, and not being enough for the audience. 

At this point I’ve had a lot of training and practice communicating with the different thoughts within myself, so I know right away that these thoughts, that are basically worries about not being good enough, are from a part of me that cares very much to help people heal in the biggest way possible.

Since I can look at these thoughts objectively, it helps take some of the emotion out of it so that, now, I can choose to allow the fear to rise up when it does again, and it well, and then do the deed anyway.

There comes a point where you do have to force yourself beyond your comfort zone and practice being there.

It is only through doing this over and over again that we become more confident.

It becomes easier to summon the will to make ourselves do something uncomfortable when we know the energy behind the fear. 

The energy behind my fear is now identified as an expression of love and empathy for others and a deep desire to help. 

That energy obviously wants to do the group classes, so now I can more easily summon the will to feel the fear and do it anyway. 

This is how I grow my confidence muscle, and allow myself to evolve into a better healer and person. 

You can also grow more confident and proud of who you are so that you can live your best life and feel happier doing it. 

If you want support and a kickstart along your healing journey, then let’s connect. 

Book a healing session with me or free discovery call to talk about how to get started:

You can also text me to ask questions or book an appointment at...



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