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How To Calm Yourself From Panic Attacks

Have you ever suffered from a panic attack?

Heart pounding out of control, quick short breaths and like you’re almost suffocating, perhaps dizziness, and chaotic thoughts drilling you further and further down into the darkness.

The first thing you need to pay attention to are the chaotic thoughts. You need to recognize those thoughts and then purposefully think the positive opposite.

For example when I had my first and worst panic attack it was when presented with a test that scared me. The first thing I had to do to get myself out of the chaos was to realize that I was thinking a chaotic and untrue thought. Then I rewrote the thought and instead thought to myself it’s just a test. It’s true it’s just a test, yes I want to do well but if I don’t it’s not the end of the world.

Then almost at the same time the second step is to take deep and slow belly breaths.

I want you to try and do this now to train.

It can be hard for most people to do this at all.

The first time I tried to teach my kids how to do deep belly breaths they literally did the opposite of what I was telling them to do, it was hilarious.

When they breathe deeply, their chest will go up really high and their bellies get even skinnier, and then when they breathe out they push their bellies out really big and it is so cute.

We are conditioned to breathe in our chest and clench our stomachs so that we can look as skinny as we can.

We also naturally breathe high in our chest and clench our stomachs when we feel stressed and overwhelmed due to the fight or flight response, and this makes it more likely for us to spiral into a panic attack.

It took me a solid year of really paying attention to my breath quality and training myself to breathe fully for it to become natural and easy for my muscles to allow.

I’m still not perfect at it, I still have to be diligent with watching myself and correct it!

So remember, the first thing you need to do to correct a panic attack to any degree, even if it’s just a mild one, is to identify the negative thought that’s driving the panic and then turn it around to a positive thought whether you believe it or not. Then while thinking the positive thought you have to make yourself take deep belly breaths, and you have to do this for as long as it takes to get your heart rate back to normal so that you can make a choice for what to do next to take care of yourself. You won’t be able to do that until you can get yourself to shore!

It probably took me about five very deep, and very slow breath’s, while at the same time noticing my heart rate beating out of control. I just kept focusing on my breathing and allowed my breath to act as if I was calm. Then eventually my heart followed and then I was able to choose from a rational mind to leave the part of the test which was the math that created The anxiety in the first place for the end and I did the other part of the test first to make sure I can get it all done in time. Then I happen to have time and I went to the math part that scared me so much, and I kid you not I got 100% on that test.

Our minds are so powerful!

We can train our minds to wield its power in the direction of our choosing.

I can help you cultivate your power, through deep subconscious work and energy balancing to help you reprogram toward a balanced mind, body, and emotional state so you can heal and be more peaceful.

Curious about working 1:1 with me?

DM to set up a “No Strings” 20 minute phone call to see if we’re a good fit!

I also want to tell you about my new moon magic fun class that’s going to be starting this next new moon and it will be happening every new moon thereafter, you can access the link to sign up on my website. In this class we will be drawing upon source power, and teaching you how to do this and access your own healing energy as well as connect to the energy of others in the class to compound your power together.

All this in combination of the theme of the new moon which is to manifest what you want to bring into your life. This is where the fun magic comes in. The combination of the breath work and the magic ritual will make for an amazing and fun evening that will leave you feeling powerful toward creating that manifestation till the next moon ritual.

Click the link below to sign up!


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