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Holistic Touch Now Based In Ventura

My first week in Ventura has been a week of tremendous change.

New town, new house, new relationship upgrade, and lots of renovations underway.

I’m loving my view from the backyard and massage space. You can see beautifully landscaped hills with the ocean in the distance.

The plan is to build a deck out back and offer massages outside when the weather permits. The backyard area is my favorite place to be. You can hear the birds chirping and my friend the hawk cawing now and then. (Hawk is usually being chased by a tiny bird, lol.)

The feeling of peace being up this high in elevation is priceless.

I am looking forward to the co-creation of this space into a beautiful home for my family and healing place for my Holistic Touch Clients.

I am already taking clients here Monday thru Friday at 4pm or later and on weekends anytime. Booking ahead is highly recommended for weekends.

I also do outcalls from Santa Barbara and down through Thousand Oaks,and the surrounding area, during my normal business hours.

Every Other week I’ll be commuting back to Moorpark to take my kiddos to school. I am offering Outcall to my clients in and around Moorpark during those weeks from 9am to 3pm without having to pay the Outcall fee.

I told myself two years ago, when I was single, that I would buy a house in 2022… Well, it’s better than expected. I got to buy a house with the love of my life, in my favorite town to be in and in an area I couldn’t afford by myself.

The magic that has been happening to me because of my ever increasing understanding of the law of attraction is so exciting to experience.

I want to help you get on track with your inner magic. Come and book a session with me to get in touch with your peace, calm, and centered state of being.

If you’re new, I highly recommend beginning with a two hour Reiki-Massage Combo session to introduce yourself to a more holistic approach to relaxation.

If you’re seasoned, I look forward to meeting you again to co-create momentum towards your highest and best self.

Happy Healing!

Book a session:

If you’re local, you can text me to ask questions or book an appointment at...



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