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Happy Holidays! Tips On How I Stay Fit

“How do you look the way you do? You must tell me your workout routine!!!”

I have been asked this so many times, especially the past month. Perhaps because it’s the holiday season and people are feeling the pounds packing on.

The concept behind how I stay trim is very simple and it has nothing to do with working out.

In fact, I tend to gain weight when I’m working out. This happens to a lot of people, but the only reason it happens to me is because I feel like I can eat more when I’m working out. My experience has taught me otherwise. 😉

I recently adopted a workout routine consisting of a warm-up and then lifting weights. This helps me feel strong and like I’m setting myself up to stay strong as I’m getting older, doing less massages, and more and more coaching sessions with clients.

So…would you like me to tell you how I stay trim?

Diet, diet, diet!

Actually, I should say lifestyle healthy eating habits.

I eat everything, but it’s all about the amounts. The ratio of foods that I eat may not work for you. It depends on your activity level, the health of your thyroid, the level of your happiness in general, your age, and so much more.

I can tell you the basis of how I eat as a starting point for you to possibly try and then experiment in all directions to see how your body responds.

Focus on protein, green vegetables, and low starch vegetables. Eat some fruit, preferably in the first half of the day, and eat very little starchy foods.

When I say starchy foods I mean… bread, pasta, tortillas, rice, cornmeal products, wheat, grain based flour products, etc.

I also eat very little dairy, but that has more to do with my sinus health.

Like I said before, the concept of how I eat is simple, but it’s not always easy.

We are addicted to carbohydrates and sugar. When we emotionally eat, this is what we tend to go for.

I feel at my best when I am trim and eating the ratio of foods to allow me to stay that way. When I catch myself towards an inclination to eat more carbs than I already know my body likes because of all the experimentation I’ve done, I can self analyze and ask myself what I’m really craving.

Sometimes it’s that I’m really craving fun, sometimes it’s a break from a boring task(AKA Procrastination)! There's also the remembering that the body is physically addicted to the sugars and having withdrawals.

My higher understanding of my cravings helps me be able to choose how I’m going to react and whether I want to give into the cravings or not.

This is how I keep my food choices in alignment with what I really want to be, feel, and look like.

I hope this advice helps you get started in your quest for food balance for yourself, which could fuel a hunger for even deeper healing!

I can help you go even deeper in your quest for balance by helping you get to the root cause of your cravings, understand yourself, love yourself, and through that state of mind, find the willpower to do what you really want to do, be who you really want to be, and align with your highest purpose.

Set up a discovery call on my website to talk and learn more🤗

Or, if you’re local, shoot me a text at...



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