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Feel Off Balance? Align With Reiki!

Do you feel like you have a good life, but it’s just not up to par for where you want to be?

Reiki can be that catalyst for opening you towards living more aligned to your True Self, and your desires.

So your next question might be, what is Reiki?

Reiki is energy healing or energy balancing. It is not massage, but like massage moves the energy in the body for stress to be released, Reiki moves the energy in your aura and meridians. This opens you to the opportunity of maintaining a higher vibration and standard of living for yourself.

Reiki is just another word for Chi, Prana, or Universal Life force energy. This is a name to describe that energy which connects ALL of creation. You can even call it God if you believe that God is that energy which flows through all of creation.

You have Reiki healing energy in you, everyone does. The only difference between someone, like me, who uses Reiki as part of her healing practice and someone who’s never even heard of Reiki, is a level of Awareness… That’s it!

You can begin to become aware of your healing energy by tapping into the rhythm of your breath, and then connecting that awareness of your breath to the awareness of the space between your hands.

Try taking a few deep belly breaths, with your eyes closed so you can really feel, and at the same time imagine that you’re breathing into your hands and then also breathing out of your hands.

While you’re doing this, move your hands from prayer position to slightly apart…then further apart…then closer together. You keep playing with the energy between your hands, like this, until you can feel the pulsing, tingling, and density, like the feeling of opposing magnets in your palms.

As you begin to feel a slight density, keep breathing into that density between your hands. Then, place that density into your heart by putting your hands on your heart. With hands on heart, continue to pay close attention to your breath and connect to your deep breathing while imagining your breath moving the energy from your hands into your heart.

This is the beginning of awareness.

I use Reiki in my healing work to begin the flow of healing and align my clients’ energy to their highest goals. It only takes that one Reiki treatment for energy blocks to become loosened, and to begin their assent to the surface. Now, we get to keep the healing momentum going throughout the following weeks.

You will be Releasing, learning, and growing into that person you want to be and are meant to be which is fun, free, easy going and healthy.

I have created 4 new Online Group Classes for you to try out, which will help you...

💫Connect to the healing power within you and make room for the momentum of your desires to take root

💫 Release stress and anxiety

💫 Feel Powerful and flushed with life force energy

💫 Feel more grounded and at peace and have fun

Learn to Release yourself from anxiety, stress, and worry so you can enjoy your life now and feel free to create the best, most aligned future imaginable.

These classes are a great way to introduce yourself to your own Reiki energy and begin the path of alignment!

Check them out here 👇👇👇


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