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Water is essential for children to be healthy

How hard is it to get enough water in ourselves every day, let alone in our children? Being a health coach and mother of two, I have a passion for living life to the fullest and bringing my children with me along this awesome life journey every step of the way. One very simple way to live awesomely is to drink enough water.

Drinking enough water can drastically improve our mood, clarity of thought, digestion, the softness of our skin, and how quickly our soft tissues repair themselves in our bodies. Children are always playing, running around, breaking down muscle, building new muscle... and getting distracted, resulting in not drinking enough water. On top of that, if your child refuses to drink water just because they don’t like the taste…. now what do you do?

Flavoring the water with slices of citrus, cucumber, or strawberry may be an option for your child. What my children tend to like, even more than this, is to blend ice in a high power blender into a snow consistency. They will eat this without any added sugar as if they’re having the treat of their life.

Children will keep us on our toes in our creative process of figuring out how to keep them healthy against all their objections. It has occurred to me, as a mother and health coach, that children can also remind us of what we need for ourselves.

If you’re noticing your children’s lips are dry, they’re excessively moody, have headaches, or are just fatigued after school they may be dehydrated. I challenge you to use this opportunity to check in with yourself. When you’re trying to get them to drink more water you may want to make sure you’re drinking enough as well. Check in with your own mood, patterns of thought, and make sure your own lips and skin are soft and supple. As you come to finish reading this blog get an extra glass of water and drink to your own health before you continue blending that snow for your kiddos.

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