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Lay The Foundation For Anxiety Relief While Working

Do you tend to get super busy during your workday and put eating lunch off a few hours longer than you should?

If your constitution tends toward anxiety and excessive worry, in general, then eating irregularly is the last thing you wanna do.

When it comes to laying the foundation for being calm, centered, and grounded throughout your workday, there are a few things you need to focus on.

1- Eat healthy, real food without preservatives.

If you’re eating tons of processed foods, you’re not getting the nutrients you need to support your nervous system, and on top of that you’re clogging your system with even more toxins, adding to the physical stress on your liver and immune system of having to detox so much.

I don’t want you to become neurotic about your food choices, but do set yourself up for success by planning and preparing healthy lunches and snacks to support your mood.

2- Eat at regular intervals so that you’re not allowing your blood sugar to drop.

This can be hard if you’re a very busy and driven person who’s very focused on your task at hand, but if you want to set yourself up for the calm, collected version of you to stay in the drivers’ seat, then you need to make fueling your body a priority.

It is difficult to stay calm and collected when your blood sugar is dropping, and then all of a sudden something unexpectedly stressful gets added to your work to do list.

Love yourself and know your needs! Then follow through!

3- Eat plenty of protein!

I’m not saying eat a steak every day, but protein is very important for your nervous system to function smoothly. I tend to eat a few eggs at lunch and a portion of either chicken, fish, or grass fed beef with lots of veggies at dinner.

One of my favorite dinners is salmon seasoned with salt and pepper and cooked on my cast iron pan, skin on. I pair this with a baked yam and asparagus, also seasoned with salt and pepper, and some olive oil. This is simple, quick and easy. Bake the yam at 450 degrees, and it most likely won’t take more than 30 minutes, depending on its size.

Focus on taking care of yourself like this every single day and you will be laying the foundation for your success in

Releasing yourself from anxiety, stress, and worry so you can enjoy your life right now.

Focus on Aligning your body, mind, and spirit to be on the same page so you can create the best, most aligned future imaginable, at work, home, and in all scenarios.

To continue your momentum towards holistic body, mind, and emotional health, check out these 4 Holistic Touch Online Group Classes which will help you...

🦋Connect to the healing power within you and make room for the momentum of your desires to take root

🦋 Release stress and anxiety

🦋Feel Powerful and flushed with life force energy

🦋 Feel more grounded and at peace

🦋Align your actions to your intentions

These classes are a great way to introduce yourself to feeling your body, mind and spirit connection so you can live your life on the highest level of alignment towards health, peace, and enjoyment!

Check them out here 👇👇👇


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