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Healing After Divorce And Being A Stay At Home Mommy

When I was in the beginning stages of getting divorced and starting a new job, after staying home with my kids for five years, my skin reactions (stress reactions) were loudly talking to me. Probably louder than ever before in my life.

I’ll never forget my neck swelling up with psoriasis and oozing yellow liquid. I was itching so much that I had to call out of work. There’s still a scar on my neck from that, and it reminds me just how intertwined my physical health is with my emotional and spiritual well-being.

Today, my top priority is to check in with how I feel because I know, all too well, how this affects every aspect of my life.

How I feel affects my health, my appearance, my work, my relationships… everything!

One way that helps me elevate my mood To a higher vibration is to sit comfortably and close my eyes, take a few deep breaths to get myself centered, and then I mentally ask the part of me that loves unconditionally to present itself.

I can feel this part emerge with all its’ love feelings quite easily, at this point, and the mental image I get is a white light from me and all around me.

This part doesn’t project out in front like most of the other parts in me do, and I see this as a good thing. I see this as a sign that it’s part of my Core Self, my True Self.

I can then talk to this part and have a conversation with her about all the things that she loves and why. This part easily answers my questions and gets me centered into a loving state towards who I ask questions about and about my life in general.

You also have the power within you to take control of your mental and emotional state no matter what you’re going through or where you are in your life.

When you learn to soothe yourself back into calm, you are essentially tapping into your own healer, your power, and your ability to create your life as you please.

Your body, your mind, and your emotions are so intertwined that the health and well-being of them cannot, and will not, leave the other parts of you unaffected.

I can show you how to read all three of these aspects of yourself so that you can confidently follow your own inner guidance into a happier, healthier and more powerful version of you!

Let’s get started creating your life on a higher vibration!

Set up a discovery call on my website to learn more🤗


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