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My Artistic and Spiritual Journey

I am an artist and have always taken my artistic inspiration from the forms of nature. Prior to graduating from The University of The Arts where I majored in metalsmithing and jewelry design, my art had mainly been in the form of painting and drawings. Through the process of learning my new craft, I fell in love with the concept of wearable art, and first hand felt the power that wearing a beautiful, bold and unique design can bring to your personal persona.


Now having added Reiki to my mix of healing modalities I can add this energy to my art and jewelry. I make one of a kind custom made jewelry created with specific healing intention through the use of healing crystals and nature inspired metal designs. All my work is infused with Reiki energy, making it a personal and unique healing talisman.

Charissa can custom create your own piece of reiki-infused jewelry. Just click the button, complete the attached form and send it back, so she knows exactly what you desire.
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