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If you feel that you can’t meditate because you have high energy, you’re labeled ADHD, and meditation is too mentally frustrating for you, then try this class...


$27- 60 Minutes

* Zelle payments prefered, please text me 805-914-4599

Tap into the Earth Connection at your root chakra and Source Connection at your crown chakra during this intense and powerful, tantra influenced, breathwork class so you can feel…


  • Powerful and flushed with life force energy

  • Balanced and grounded

  • Connected and aligned with the flow of life 

  • Gratitude and a deep Love for You

  • Blessed with Reiki healing energy as you journey with the group towards higher states of being

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Hi, I am Charissa Colacioppo, your class instructor. I am a holistic Reiki Master Healer, hypnotherapist, massage therapist and intuitive life coach who guides you to discover the connections between your mind, body, and soul so you can awaken your intuitive power, and know what you need for your healing!

This is your divine birthright, to shed the beliefs and expectations of others and awaken to your CORE self so you can show up authentically in all of your relationships, and in the world, while creating your life into a life you love!

Working in a group is a powerful experience because we can all tap into that transpersonal connection for healing. When we come together like this, the power we generate towards a common goal can be intense and magical as all of our energy and focus combines with Source for this purpose!

So, please join me, and other like-minded people, as you practice honing your intuition and connection to Source power!


After you book your spot in class, you will be linked to join my Free Facebook Group called, Holistic Touch Community. This will allow you to stay connected to classmates in between sessions!

Can't wait to create power and magic together!

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