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Transform Guilt Into Love

Are you a sensitive and caring person who feels guilt when they make a mistake…even small ones…

… especially over past occurrences where you wish you responded better, or were more patient, or perhaps you wish you chose kinder words?

Learning to forgive yourself is every bit as important as forgiving others because they go hand-in-hand.

First off, whatever this issue is that you have with yourself that you’re most likely thinking about over and over again, I want you to say the words to yourself that you would say to your best friend or a small child in regards to the situation.

What would you say to them if they were dealing with the same exact guilt?

I suspect it is words backed by love, gentleness, and patience.

Try using these types of words to yourself when that guilt part of you pops up.

Speak to it and soothe it and remind it that it deserves forgiveness just like everybody else.

You deserve forgiveness, as do all, because we are all human beings doing the best we can, each and every moment with the tools we have at the time to cope.

Forgive yourself, and others, so you can feel a sense of freedom and peace at your core, and live a life led by love like you deserve.

I can help you reprogram your mind towards alignment with forgiveness, healing, and happiness!

If you’re interested in working 1:1 with me or want to learn more, you can contact me through my website…

Or, if you’re local, shoot me a text at...


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