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Self-Love Reclaimed!

How do you shift those “stuck” states into #self-love again? There are many tools in my #NLP box, my #Reiki box, my coaching box, and my #hypnotherapy box for me to pull out in order to shift these feelings of #sadness, inertia, #overwhelm, or just plain “stuck”..... and sometimes, I just need time to myself.

I basically relearned this recently after going through an episode of feeling my energy drained and “stuck.” The coach in me was easily able to analyze my trigger… an #anxiety dream, don’t you hate those?!

Knowing the trigger, however, wasn't shifting me back up the way I wanted to be. I happened to have my kids with me that week, being a single mother with 50% custody has really shown me how different my life is between having the kids and then not having them. When I have my kids and I’m going through a down spell, omg is it more difficult to process my way out of it. (Hmmm.. now I’m thinking that this has a lot to do with having a 13 year old hormonal shifting daughter, but I digress.) I happened to book a spa day for myself the Saturday that my kids were back with their father. I love those synchronized events that just seem to happen perfectly, but weren’t planned. This spa day of self pampering hugely shifted my #stateofmind from down and drained to energized and #inspired again. I happened to make my YouTube video related to this blog post as well as an additional video that day. I felt lit again, like my power was back. All I did was take half a day to get a body treatment and then relaxed by the pool.

The coach in me really took notice of this dramatic shift and how sometimes we really just need time to ourselves to recharge and perhaps not just to ourselves, but time where we are actively doing something for our own healing and pleasure… No guilt allowed here ladies. I think we are conditioned to feel guilty when we do something for ourselves, and I swear if there is wasted emotion… it’s guilt ( not anger), hmmm…. I feel a future blog topic emerging.

If you're married or in a partnership with children, trade with each other. Making a point to create time for both of you to have your own personal time for yourself, weekly would be awesome, but doing this at all is a great start in evolving both individually as well as together. If you're single with kids and have your kids 100% of the time, ask friends to trade time with you. Create a support system around you so that it’s possible to make your self-healing time a regular priority. If you're single without kids and just really busy with your career, I beg you to reevaluate your priorities.

The point is, we always have a #choice, creating time for ourselves is no exception.

Let me know how you're creating personal healing time for yourself already and ideas in how you will create more time moving forward. I’d love to hear about your healing process.

Happy Healing everyone!

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