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Make Body Care Fun

I’m always telling people to stretch more, and I know that for many of you, stretching can be boring.

I am going to show you something I like to do that I learned back in college that brings a dance-like flair to regular old stretching.

When I can bring fun to the table, it helps me get into the flow of the movement, which then helps me want to do more movements, and more stretching, or sometimes I’ll just move into meditation.

I love to do things that help me be in the moment and flow, and feel what I want, instead of a rigid self-care routine.

Please watch this video to get ideas on how to make your self-care routine a little more fun so you can get into your flow and feel great doing so.

If you’d like to book a healing session and/or massage to help with your mind-body-soul alignment, then you can click here👇

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Happy Healing & Transformation,


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