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Love Yourself Into Heart Alignment

One way to love yourself and begin living your life on purpose, is to take steps towards uncovering your heart's true wants and desires. (sorry, no video this week due to tech issues.)

Let’s do this healing process as a journal exercise.

Plan for at least 20 minutes of alone time in an environment where there are little to no distractions. Ideally do this in a comfortable area, but if you have to hide in the bathroom from your children to get 20 minutes of alone time, then so be it.

My objective is for you to do this as a writing assignment and sacred ritual for yourself, and to have you really dig deep into your truth.

So, take a few deep breaths into your heart area, then ask your heart the question, and don’t edit yourself, “What is your goal” or “What do You want for me?”

Just allow your heart's voice to answer, through the pen, and onto the paper. There will be plenty of time to analyze yourself later, I promise, so just take a break from the judgments for the time being and allow your heart to speak freely.

Once you’re finished, take inventory of how you feel about what you wrote down.

There is no room in this exercise for being right or wrong!

You feel how you feel and you want what you want… end of story!

Just watch yourself like a curious Scientist, and keep the judgments aside for now.

The process of creating your life on your terms has begun!

This understanding and knowing of oneself is the beginning of healing and loving you as You Are!

This is your life, it is not your children’s, it is not your spouses, and it is not your parents life.

It is up to you to take care of you the way you need so that you can thrive.

The Time is right now to stop making excuses!!!

I can help you begin living your life on purpose, thrive like never before, and love your whole self… That’s your mind, your body, and your soul into continued healing alignment for the rest of your life.

Set up a discovery call on my website to talk and learn more🤗

Or, if you’re local, shoot me a text at...



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