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Do you ever want to just jump out of your body and be free from it?

Your body has a language, and it's communicating to you what it needs for healing.

It's your job to learn to understand it's language so you can be healthier, happier, and more at peace within your body and all aspects of life.

Sometimes I get so much tension in my muscles and tendons and it just drives me bonkers.

This happens when there’s so much to do, so many tasks to get done, and I’m not taking enough time to release my body from the stress.

Most of my clients have tension in their necks and shoulders especially, and I’m no exception to this.

It’s like our issues are getting caught in the physical tissue, and binding and building up so much, that it can be hard to release.

This is where agitation sets in both physically and mentally, and because of the mental agitation, it just keeps getting worse.

I want you to be mindful of this physical and mental connection this week.

As you pay attention, you will start to understand those connections between your body, mind, and your emotions.

It is through understanding those connections that you will learn what you need for your healing and peace.

Where is your body holding tension?

Watch the video above for tips on releasing the issue in the tissue before it manifests into something worse...


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