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Getting Patient With Impatience

Are you impatient?

Impatient with life, impatient with your goals, impatient with your body, impatient with your Health, impatient with your learning, etc., etc.

When you’re putting out inpatient energy in response to not getting your goal as quickly as you want, you’re putting a lot of internal stress on yourself which is largely detrimental to you reaching your goal. You may even be sabotaging your progress externally in the way you influence others through this impatient energy.

Rather than scolding yourself when you catch yourself in impatient thoughts and actions, just acknowledge that this is where you’re at.

Acknowledge that your impatience is a part of your process, and then take the time to admire the current situation in every way that you can.

This is self training to be in the moment and allow yourself to enjoy where you are even though you’re imperfect, even though you have impatientence, and even though you likely have a long way to go.

This mental shift has the power to completely transform your attitude of impatience into a positive state of peace, well-being and point of attraction.

I can help you go even deeper into understanding the root cause of your impatientence so that you can better maintain yourself in the present moment and keep a higher vibration of attraction towards your life.

To learn more and talk about the ways I can help, set up a discovery call on my website or text me.

If you’re local, shoot me a text at...



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