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Come Back To Your Body

I met a 82-year-old man a few days ago, who looked in relatively amazing shape and told me stories about how he and his 96 year old wife go dancing and play golf.

I love to hear stories like this, it gives me momentum towards taking care of myself, because I refuse to turn into an old woman who can’t take care of herself.

At least, I am determined to do everything in my power to keep myself healthy, happy, and feeling excited about life, even more so, the older I get.

Take care of yourself!

Take the time to stretch your body out and free yourself of trapped energy.

Also, do self massage when stretching feels as if it is not enough.

You can use a foam roller, a ball on the Stuck area, and you can also use your own forearm where your flexibility allows.

Move the tissue around, it will most likely not feel good when you’re doing it, you have to break up the energy.

You will feel better afterwards.

My Pilates instructor, when I was in college, warned us to maintain our bodies, because as you age, it is much easier to maintain than to start from scratch and build.

I am 40 years old now and I know that this is true, and I also know that it is never too late.

Start now, start to build your body towards how you want to feel and who you want to be now. Get back to it if you have lost it!

It will be much easier to start now then it will be next year or the year after that or the year after that, I don’t care how old you are right now, this pertains to you.

Come back to taking care of your body and loving yourself enough to kickstart yourself towards living and being who you want to be both in body and in mind.

If you’d like to book a healing session and/or massage to help with your mind-body-soul alignment, then you can click here👇

You can also call/text me to ask questions or book an appointment at...


Happy Healing & Transformation,



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