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Clear The Clutter In Your Home and Free Your Body and Mind

We often hold onto things for a way too long. That goes for objects in your home that you have no good place to put but you just don’t want to get rid of it, as well as holding on to resentments and guilty feelings either because we’re just not ready to face them or because a part of us likes being the victim.

I’m all about connecting the dots between mind, body, and the emotions, but let’s also connect the dots to our outer environment.

Your home mirrors you, just like your body does.

So instead of getting worried because this is going to be a lot of work and worried because you’ve let the clutter around you go for way too long what does that mean about you as a person now?

Release that guilt popping up, and redirect your mindset toward action for what you want to create around you.

Step1: Decide what to clean

And when you decide what that action is. Perhaps it’s cleaning out your garage, or sorting clothes to give away, when you pick the next action for clearing your outer environment, I want you to next ask yourself what that could parallel within your body and mind?

Just see what comes up first and don’t overthink it.

For me, the most challenging thing currently for me to keep organized in my outer environment is my office.

I loath to organize paperwork and junk mail, lol.

But upon realizing that it makes me wonder what does that parallel within myself?

Step2: Think about how you would feel if this area was clean and organized and how that would affect your life?

I’m realizing that when the papers grow too big and all over the place, it starts to annoy me and get in the way of me doing other activities because it’s covering my yoga mat, for example.

If I took the time to organize regularly between the junk mail and the notes I want to keep and for what purpose and the taxes and whatever else it is, then it wouldn’t pile up and then I would feel very proud of myself for my organizational skills in all areas including things that most to me find it boring. But then I would be proud because I created an easier environment for me to keep a positive, happy, and clearly focused mental mindset.

Step 3: Where else in your life could you use more organization and clarity?

Ah, now upon realizing that if I didn’t do this it would create a more clearly focused mental mindset, I am seeing where the possible connection can be.

I can definitely use some more organization in my morning ritual which would lend to a more positively charged mindset, also my eating Schedule could use some organizing which would most likely help digestion more which would help my health up level further.

I am seeing all these possible connections, this motivates me to not only organize the paperwork more frequently but to do it with a mindfulness that it’s going to carry over it’s clearing energy into those other areas of my life and health.

When you clear the clutter in your home, I want you to do it with an open mind and an open heart, with the intention to love yourself unconditionally no matter where you’re starting because if you allow the guilt to overtake you for not being where you want to be, then you’ll simply get nothing done.

Release your energy to forgiveness and peace as you clear your space both around you as well as within you and allow your life and the actions you take within it to be a prayer of forgiveness and understanding always in motion. You’ve just created a meditation out of a mundane task!

If you would like support through your process of clearing the clutter, forgiving yourself and others and opening to peace both within and around you, then working 1:1 with me with energy balancing, and deep subconscious healing work, then contact me or book a “no strings” 20 minute discovery call on my website to see how I can assist.


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